Lemina-Rei Alexandria Schuyler


“I want to be able to let people know that when it comes to life, how you live, how you transition,how you work, who you date,  whatever you do - you’re the only one that can depend on your own happiness. You got to find your happiness. You gotta know where to look, find your strengths, your flaws.You have to face yourself and you have to love yourself in every aspect that you are. If you can’t find the love within yourself, to yourself, which I believe is one of the most important things on this planet, you can’t be happy. Everybody’s out there focused on material things, everybody’s out looking for something to satisfy them in one way or another. But in all reality, it’s not hard to fill that void when what you need is in you. If you don’t look inside yourself,  you’ll be lost. “

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