Dayne, Boise, Idaho

Transilient: How does it feel to be a dad?

" It feels surreal. I kind of written off ever having children before now and I’ve forgotten how, how much I really wanted to be a parent and it's like nothing I've ever experienced before. Its really, I mean everyone kept telling me your life is going to change forever and at first I knew it was, on a certain level but I didn’t know how I would feel. Now I get it. When people say I’d do anything for my child, I completely understand. I’d die for my child, I’d go to prison for my child, like I GET it, you know? It’s so magical. (Chuckles)

Transilient: What risks are worth taking in life?

Love. I think love is worth the risk. Its painful but it can certainly be rewarding. I've always felt like too many people kind of settle for what they think is expected of them . In terms of college, career, family and you know, I’ve always felt like maybe I’m doing that a little too but I’ve always followed my heart. I risked doing things that maybe weren’t the most practical, or safe but choices in my family but I’ve always done things that helped me the most in terms of personal growth. Even the activism that I’ve done, it has been risky and being out as a trans man is not easy. There's a lot of personal risk, more than others, but I feel like I also have a lot privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility to raise awareness and to be vocal for people that can’t or don’t feel safe enough to do so."


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Basil Soper