Sal, Chicago, IL

" I love reading about movies. So everything. I love movies.

I believe in the social and anthropological value of gossip (everyone laughs). I think gossip is a very important tool in terms of the way we understand and interpret oppression, race, and all those things. I really enjoy those things. I sit and read about Hollywood. I’m active on Twitter so I tweet things about Bollywood. I tweet a lot of things, I read a lot of things, I watch a lot of films. I watch a lot of like white lady shows (laughs) like I love Gilmore Girls (laughs).

I watch it and think how nice it must be to be white and cis (everyone laughs).

I watch 90s sitcoms you know all that stuff, comforting tv is a thing I love.

I identify with being very much a turn of the century white lady heroine in the sense that I love taking walks. Not hiking or running or jogging, I take walks. I like dress up and go for a walk. Chicago is a good city to do that, especially if you live near the lake. Lots of people watching and being watched by people.

You know, I’m a Gemini. I know there’s a lot of Gemini-phobia in the world so I’m gonna do some activism around that.

Like, I’m a gemini and I’m really great so for me, I hate that us Geminis are so vilified. That’s gonna be my next big project! We’re really great. You know- we’ll have a Hug- a- Gemini day across the country (laughter from everybody), but ask for consent."

Basil Soper