"What I actually want to do is biochemistry, specifically neurobiochemistry because I fucking love that shit. So, my ideal way to spend my free time would be if someone let me into a lab and let me do a bunch of research that I’d been wanting to do on cells. Mostly nerve cells, trying to find out what different kind of nerve cells are in the brain and which correspond to certain diseases. Living in Seattle is actually a really great place to be if you’re interested in biochemistry. I love living near this park and being able to take walks has been really helpful for me. It’s a form of self-care and also coming from just a biological perspective there's so many species right here. I could take specimens of so many and do research into this region of the park. Even with all the scary things that are happening in life, it’s nice to know I still have this park." 

#wearetransilient #science #selfcare #neurobiochemistry #MoreThanTrans #lgbt #Washingtonstate 

Basil Soper