"I was five and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t being treated like the other girls. My father was the type, where gender roles were strict, and my father wanted me to have the military buzz cut and all of that. When it was time to get a haircut I told her, I don’t want a buzz cut! I rarely spoke out and remember yelling, “I don't want this hair, I want long hair! I want it long! I want it long!” I threw a fit. It’s actually a rather famous memory of me with my family. They all remember how upset I was 50 years later. It was nothing short of a hissy fit and so my mom backed off. She tried for a week to get me to cut my hair. Every time I threw a hissy fit and finally after a week I overheard her talking to my father and saying “What’s the harm in the hair being a little longer? A lot of boys have hair that length.” In all the irony she said “Honey, what’s the big deal, look at that olympic guy Bruce Jenner!” ( laughing) In that instance, I learned that I had a voice. From then I just kept pushing. By the time I was 8 I had that , what was then known as, the Bruce Jenner haircut.

Transilient: (Laughing) I hope Caitlyn Jenner hears this one day!
M: I hope she does! (laughs) "

Basil Soper