Jacksonville, FL

"I’m a pretty easy-going guy. My favorite place on earth is the beach! Well, I love the beach and sitting in front of video games. I love some Call of Duty. I grew up poor, so now that I can get these things like video game consoles I feel proud when I play. My step-dad was a driver, he was making money to pay the bills and my mom was taking care of us. Back then I would want something that we couldn't afford, but now when I want something, I can actually get them! I love it. My girlfriend is a big video game person too. I play the PlayStation and she plays the Xbox, then we'll switch but I don't really know the controls well on Xbox so I always go back to PlayStation.My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 months, but we have known each other for like eight years. Ya know what else I'd like, I would love to fly. I have always wanted to, that would be my thing. I love heights. I'm a height fanatic! I wanna go sky diving, bungee jumping. It's the adrenaline. I'm like "YES!" give it to me. Right now, though, I just get my adrenaline kicks while at the gym. If I need more of a good adrenaline kick though I can always go back to the Jason movies. I guess love horror movies a lot too! Whenever I was 10 my sister took me to see Scream when it first came out and I’ve never stopped loving scary movies since. I’m still chasing that same kind of horror movie high now. I’ll just keep having fun, going to the movies, and living life- I think life is pretty good down here."