Clermont, FL

"I don’t really have a dream job. I feel like if I were to be doing something I love as paid work I would associate the thing I am passionate about with stress. I kind of like getting paid to do something I am not personally invested in. One of my passions is running my YouTube channel. I am asexual and a-romantic and talk about that a lot on it. In my spare time, I do a lot of things. I go to a lot of Sci-Fi conventions. I am an editor for a website that my partner and I run. We’ve been running this site since 2008 and we had a podcast that we did too.. we produced about 400 episodes. We get to go to conventions as press so I get to take a lot of photos of people’s costumes and stuff. Having a creative outlet is super important. I have always been interested in photography and I ended up really pursuing it during a bout of depression. My work mostly focused in a lot of nature stuff and just like random beautiful stuff. Photography makes me feel connected to everything around me. It pushes me to notice details and become immersed in all that we see each day. It’s sort of a reproduction of what we can be grateful for.Sci-Fi also makes me reflect. It is a reflection of society and how things can be different socially and politically. I like things, even if it is dystopian, that offer a storyline revolving around an underdog that kind of beat the system. I pretty much love all Sci-Fi related TV shows, games and I am not really into comics but I do appreciate and admire many Sci-Fi comic characters. Sci-Fi gives me a reflection of society and how things can be different socially and politically. I do have many interests, and that feels good. Like just this week ,I raise monarch butterflies, and I had a few hundred. I release them after. Their survival rate is very low, so it was cool to see so many of them. The butterflies make me appreciate the process of transformation. Everything I do and give myself to gives just as much back to me. "