Jacksonville, FL

I’m a furry. And I’m very involved in that community. I have a partial fur suit in there, inside of that cabinet. A lot of the way that I explore gender and help myself come to terms with the immutability of my body is through being a furry. What I want to transition to is impossible to do physically, so a lot of self-care involves getting art of characters I associate with, and dressing up. I’m other-kin. I don’t really feel very identified with my own body. That’s kind of the result of growing up with Asperger’s - not only did I fail to associate with other people, but I failed to associate with the gender that was assigned to me. So to answer your question, much of my self care comes in the form of my furry community and community with other-kin. But also, I write music. I write with the feeling of being abstract and mutable and malleable. I write a lot of minimalist, spacey music. I primarily make music as a therapeutic, cathartic kind of resource for myself. I play the harp and I play the piano and I was self taught. I needed to find an outlet to get out of my anxiety. I have been really into writing poetry for the past two years as well. Also, the ocean is my soul.