Drew Adams


Jacksonville, FL

"I don’t write music but I can play it on guitar. I am really into Green Day. I like listening to music in the car when I'm alone. That way I can turn it up really loud and sing, off key, and no one can judge me for that. It's a ritual. I get a lot out of music and its sort of an outlet but my biggest outlet is activism. One time, I spoke in front of the city council which was pretty cool. I think I started getting involved with activism out of necessity back when the bathroom stuff started at my school. I was put on this committee, I think they had it just for show to show they were doing something. I wrote a trans training for the school. Next, I sold temporary LGBT themed tattoos to get top surgery and then I applied and was accepted, as one person in a group of eighteen, for the GLSEN national student council last year! That was a big step on my path of activism. We learned a lot about organizing and helping others. Oh! I also ran the trans day of visibility project and I went to New York with GLSEN and gave a speech, that's where I met Peppermint from RuPaul. My mom was so jealous.. it was on Mother’s Day too and we sent her a video wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day! 

My real goal is to be President one day."

‍"Transilient: Outside of advocating, what’s something you possess and really like about yourself?" Ambition. I think I’ve got a little bit of that. "