Orlando, FL

In December 2014, I went to a lung doctor. I had suffered from terrible sinus infections and even quite smoking. Though, I used a vape to try and get me off the nicotine. I kept going back to the doctor and told them I was having coughing attacks. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep. The doctors would just tell me, “Oh. It’s because you quit smoking. Here’s some codeine!”  I was getting so frustrated and told the doctors it wasn’t working. One day, I had a really bad coughing attack and took myself to the E.R. again the doctors were telling me it was just a cough. They did an X Ray and they were saying everything was fine.  Then, I had a coughing fit in front of them! They immediately took me upstairs for a MRI. Low and behold, I had a collapsed lung! It wasn’t until I met the nurse did my feminine presentation strike me as different. I had on heels and makeup and she asked me if I was on HRT. I was like, “I’ve never heard of it.. so, I must not be.” After that I went home and started researching.  It’s how I figured out that I was a woman. You know Disney, it’s always been my get away, but since things have been harder post transition, it’s definitely been much needed and a way to care for myself. Tomas, my nugget, and I both love it.  It gives me a healthy dose of fantasy. It takes me out of reality. I always get called ma’am! It’s a happy place. Everyone is there really having a good time or they are too busy to judge! The smoking section is like a zoo though! You just stand there and it’s outdoors but it’s still like a room and people walk by judging all the moms! It’s hilarious!