Jenn Morris


Biloxi, MS

JENN : “ I had a small green car before this one. It was a Nissan 200 SX or something like that. It stopped running, so I just started tearing it apart. I tore the heads off, I tore the manifolds off, to where it was just down to the cylinders and then I realized I couldn’t fix it.


I love my current car with all my heart, but it’s a mess. It’s my dream car, not in its current state. It’s a 94’ Jeep Cherokee. The radiator is going out, so much is messed up. But it’s so much fun to work on. I really enjoy programming but I don’t get to hold what I make in my hands so whenever I’m working on my car; I get to drive it around and see my hard work come to fruition, that’s pretty cool!


I’ve been working on cars since my mom taught me to drive when I was fifteen. We had an old Chevy Lumina, I don’t know what it is with us and garbage cars. We would just sit in the front yard and work on it.


Transilient: I really appreciate your relationship to cars, however, do you feel like it threatens your femininity at all?


Jenn: At first I did. Gradually, I’ve stopped caring about that more and more. It’s something I enjoy, and that’s pretty much it! "