Maz and Max


Charleston, SC

 Transilient: What are your favorite things about each other?


MAZ:  She makes really terrible puns all the time, yes, also she’s really nice.


MAX :     Yeah, he’s really soft and nice and patient and considerate and doesn’t blow up at me instantly when I’m an idiot, which is cool, he doesn’t freak out if something goes a little bit wrong…stable, happy, good…plays well with others.


Transilient: How did you meet each other?


MAX: Tinder.


MAZ: Tinder success story.


Transilient: What drew you to one another through the others profile? What did you talk about online?


MAX: We talked about cats in our first conversation.


MAZ: We talked a lot about atheist stuff in our first conversation, too.


MAX: I got into school as an atheist activist, because I sued my high school district cause they had a graduation prayer and we won that lawsuit. Then I went to college and started a student group that was built around atheist activism and that was a lot of what was going on in my profile when we met.


MAZ: .. and she had a really goofy smile too and I was like; yes. that. exactly that.


Transilient; What are you going to miss the most about college?


MAX: A queer community that really trusts me, cause I’ve got that here real strong, and it's not the kind of thing that’s going to pop up the second I move.


MAZ: I’m going to miss resources I guess. There’s nowhere you can, like, go and print something for free, something dumb like that, like being able to talk to my professors and be like– Hey, I I don’t know what the Hell I’m doing with anything… and they can be like, I can help you with these things!