Ceri Lewis


“I’m a member of the Church of the Resurrection in the Kansas City area. I actually teach out there occasionally and lead classes on LGBT issues. They have also appointed me to be a delegate to the Methodist annual conference. This means I’m a voting member of the Methodist church. I do stuff with the ministry there and I also work with an organization called the Reformation Project which was started by Matthew Vines and that is a LGBT Christian inclusion organization. I’m part of their leadership cohort and between the training I’ve gotten there and the work I do there and with Resurrection with the ministry itself which I call “Carry on with Grace” I speak at different conferences around the country, I speak at different churches. I just got an invitation to speak at a church in Boston coming up. I was at the Q Christian Fellowship in Denver this last year, and I hope to be there this January in Chicago. I spoke at Gender Odyssey in Seattle back in August and I’ve got an invitation to go to Australia and do a tour there. I speak on, mostly transgender, but also gay lesbian and bisexual, the whole alphabet, how that relates to what the scripture says. Looking at the scripture in context is important. So, what was happening at the time? What were the social constructions at the time? What were the common issues around then? Why was this scripture written? Who was it written by? What was their background? There’s a project I’m doing with the Reformation project in a couple weeks in Orlando, the title of that one is “Transgender and Christian at the Intersection of Religion, Politics and Science”. So, I’m putting the issues of the scripture together particularly look at creation, but I've gotten material from new resources mostly from a doctor who does a lot of genetic and fetal development discussion in San Francisco. Looking at everything from chromosomes to genes and how they respond to hormonal fluctuations, diets, medications, and the fact that physically the body develops as far as sex is concerned and some gender identity starts to take effect early on as well.”

Basil Soper