Ash and Samantha


Transilient: “So, how has being in an intergenerational friendship been or impacted you?”

Ash: “I feel like my relationship with Samantha has been different than any other relationship I've had before. There is the age difference, but I don't even notice it ever. It’s something people joke about and we joke about all the time. You don't see that age difference so often, but Samantha and I started our transition at the same time so in a lot of ways we’re growing at the same rate and experiencing a lot of the same difficulties, the same frustrations, the same difficulties, and victories. So, our lives really mirror each other’s in a lot of way.”

Samantha: “Ya know, my relationship with Ash is certainly rooted in friendship. Rooted in common experience. The ability to share, even early on, these conversations we would have that we could make mistakes in our language and be able to have conversations that for some people might’ve been awkward, but it wasn’t for us."

Basil Soper