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Tulsa, OK

"Since I was a child, I wanted nothing more than to have the biggest, most loving family possible. I love being a parent and... it’s surprising to most, but you can openly lead a loving, respecting, and kind poly family life in Oklahoma... well, anywhere!  I grew up on a hyper religious compound influenced by the Baptist and Quiverfull Christianity sects... it was anti-LGBT and didn’t speak to my native roots. I was raised in a box basically. Nobody supported me, and I felt like I had to hide every part of myself. My kids range in age from 3 months old and, well, the oldest is twenty two years old. I want to be that love in somebody’s life that they never ever received anywhere else. I can’t change you or fix anyone, and you can take care of yourself and that’s great and true. However, if you’ve never been given a baseline or an opportunity to feel like anyone has ever supported you, it’s much-much harder to grow and heal. I want people to feel valued and know that I see who they are. It’s so important to me to support my adopted girls and watch them turn into fantastic women. We never know who may have had a good upbringing or not... it’s worth it to me to share love and say “I love you.” It’s true that I might be the only person to tell someone that they are loved. Hopefully not! But I receive and give love freely. Love is fundamental and something we should focus on.Me, I know I will keep doing that.”