Little Rock, AR

“I’ve for the most part, I’ve ended up pushing myself into advocacy. I’m learning a whole lot later in life. Back in the 90s, I was a part of a city task force that targeted racial justice round here. Ya know, I said some misguided stuff at first in the past few years cause’ things have changed but now I am a big supporter of Black Lives Matter. I’m working through with it all. We’re all coming at it from different experiences. I needed to deal with my discomfort to help others. We got to come up with something the help, all of us. Part of who I am, it’s re-awakened my interest in the law. Marginalized folks of all kinds need to look at it. When I was little my dad’s best friend was a state supreme court justice here in Arkansas. A lot of times I just went with my dad and spent time reading law books. It always had sort of a impact on me. The law stuff also peaked for me again with the bathroom bills, name and gender change stuff. I volunteered for name and gender change clinics and got my notary to help people get their documents changed. I took the LSAT this month and I did well enough that I am going to be starting law school next month on a full tuition scholarship! I think if us in Little Rock get organized we have a good strong and united front. Miss Major has moved here too! So, wonderful.”