Auburn, AL

"Child no! (laughs) I am not domestic at all. I am going to be the wife that hires a maid and cook. Um, I would like to meet someone and have a family though. I don’t know about having children at the moment, I am still undecided. The dating scene here though, of course, it’s hard. I feel like I do a lot of educating and talking when I go on dates so I just don’t deal with guys who don’t get me anymore. I am just taking care of me right now. I like to listen to music.. I am currently in SZA. I love her! I love her, I know CNTRL is a side chick album, but I love her. So, I am just me and nothing, not a dating scene, anything is going to get in the way of my dreams. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do exactly. I love media, radio, and people. I am a Gemini, after all. If I can break into social media, I think I’d be really happy and successful."