Birmingham, AL

“I went to a public magnet arts high school. I took an anatomy class that inspired me to want to get more involved with the medical field. I wanted to be a surgeon. The idea of going to school that long feels daunting. I am going back to school to be an EMT. I know I really want to work with kids. From what I understand, there is a specific nurse that gets to work with kids sometimes. I’m not sure how my career in medical work will look in the long run but that’s what school is for I guess. 

I also write a lot. Writing is the best way for me to communicate. I write mostly auto biographical poetry. It confronts some trauma and like mental stuff that I’ve dealt with. I wrote a poem not that long ago. At the moment, I want to organize all the stuff I have written and try to do something with it. The person who really inspired me to write and open up is Ruby Kaur through “Milk & Honey”. She’s written a lot about trauma and things that have happened to her. She’s formatted it in a way that also talks about healing too. I have a lot of trouble sometimes thinking about how everything is good and bad sometimes. She’s does that in a way that feels manageable to people, I think. I have written a piece recently that was hard for me to face and I am learning that if I can survive this thing that happened in the past, I can survive it now in whatever form it may come. “