Kirin + Basil

We got to spend lunch time with 6 year old Kirin and her parents in Bloomington, Indiana today. She and her family instilled us with a lot of hope for a bright future. Basil is 32 and he didn't think he'd ever spend so much time with children like Kirin in his lifetime because transitioning as a child wasn't an option for him and so many others. Not only are her folks affirming and supportive but Kirin is a confident fire cracker who knows who she is and what she wants. We are lucky to all share an earth with trans kids.

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Basil Soper
Road Crew Highlights #1: Kansas City

Highlights from our time in Kansas City, Missouri. This was our first stop and it was an amazing beginning to our fall 2018 tour. We interviewed a lot of great folks and had some tasty BBQ. Be on the look out the rest of tour to see highlights from all the places we go.

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James Heatherly