Ender Collins


"Transilient: What energizes you the most and brings excitement to your life?

Ender: I could go cheesy and say my girlfriend, uh (laughs)

T: That’s not cheesy

E: Uhm, yeah, so okay my girlfriend. Or, uh, theater. I am a huge theater geek. Um, more with the technical side of things, um, but, you know, theater in general.

T: In terms of technical, what do you mean?

Ender: So… now we’re getting into it. So, I love stage management. Lighting design. Some stage design, scenery design, all that great stuff. Props building, stuff like that. Uhm… yeah, you know the, uh, people backstage, that are moving sets around when the lights go dark and everything, that’s me. I actually just recently participated in my seventeenth production, my tenth production at the local college - oh yeah, it’s awesome - my tenth production at Casper college. I have been doing stuff with them since my freshman year of high school. This production was called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We call it Forum. And that I stage managed, which was honestly, such a great experience. I love stage managing, because I get to watch people grow from the second we start auditions to closing night. I was a mess of tears. Yeah, I love that, I love watching people grow and everything through theater."

Basil Soper