Jaden, Boise, Idaho

“I think that probably authenticity is my favorite trait in a person, because once you can channel that, everything else is pretty easy from there. You know who I am, I know who you are, we’ll go from there. And that’s not really a common thing nowadays. Everyone has to hide who they are, try and be who they’re not… there’s so many media outlets that influence people nowadays. And it’s great. It’s a good thing. But to be authentic through it is important. That being said, what I dislike is just judgement, because that brings about other things as well. You know, if you’re judgmental, you’re gonna’ be hateful, and all these other things, possibly. Just judging in general is my biggest pet peeve. It’s like, you don’t know my story, and I don’t know yours yet. And, you know, it baffles me, we have all led interesting lives. A lot of things in life are not that hard. Life is hard – don’t get me wrong. But we create a lot of problems. So, it’s kind of frustrating, but – we’ll get there.”

Basil Soper