Olivia and James

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Berkeley, CA

“Transilient: Do you want a pet too? What kind of animal do you want? Olivia: Puppy! Mom: She was watching Treehouse Masters the other day because we tape it. Because she likes to watch them build. And they have adult commercials, so one was for animals — abused animals — and was asking money to end the abuse. And she was, like, bawling by the end… like, “We have to get a cat, and a dog!” James: Wh..wh..Why?Mom: Yeah, James I am glad you weren’t there. I was glad you weren’t there. You would’ve been crying, too. Transilient: Do you like cats or dogs more? Olivia: Both. (begins to cry)Transilient: It’s okay! I understand. I feel the same way, I feel the same way, it’s too much, honey. People are gonna take care of them though.James: It’s summer, we need to get all of them. Olivia: (crying) All of them. Don’t let anyone go…Transilient: Do you want to see my dog?Olivia: Yeah!Transilient: (Basil pulls out cell phone) Her name’s Yep. She has her own Facebook. Yepper Soper. Olivia: Yay, Yep!! (coos over picture of dog) James: (coos over picture of dog)Transilient: If you won the lottery, what would you do?James: Adopt a whole bunch of kids, probably.Transilient: Adopt a whole bunch of kids right now?!James: Well, no, I would adopt all the pets I would want.Transilient: Okay. And save them?James: Yeah, but if it was like, me, when I’m older I would adopt the kids.Olivia: If I adopt the lottery, if I adopt the lottery, I would…James: If you adopt a lottery, yeah.Transilient: I would adopt a lottery.Olivia: I would save all the cats and dogs in the world."