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Tulsa, OK

Krissy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I love the community that I’ve found in Tulsa. So about 2 years ago I had to make some pretty important life decisions. And one of them was where the heck are you gonna live, Krissy?? I thought about it and of course it was an easy decision. My girls, I’ve got two young girls here who are just outside of Tulsa and that’s what made me say okay, Tulsa is where I’m going to go! Cause’ beaches sounded much better. *laughs* Charleston sounded the best. And then Myrtle and then I thought about somewhere out in California. But, you know. Tulsa was the only one that made sense. When, I was considering Tulsa, my expectations were really high in thinking it was gonna be awful. That I was going to have a terrible experience here. But it’s actually been just so welcoming and so amazing. My transition has always been super easy - I have had the “did you see that” and some crazy stares here and there. But for the most part it’s been awesome!

Transilient: What’s y’alls favorite thing to do together? Besides work?

*Laughter from Krissy her friend Sharon, and Krystal*

Sharon: What do we do…we drink!

Krissy: We drink.

Krystal: We eat.

Sharon: They love when I cook for them.

Krissy: Wait hang on….Cause’ you haven’t cooked for me!

Sharon: I thought I had.

Krissy: Have you cooked for these two? I’m totally jealous.”‍

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