Jackson, MS

"Well I’m a simple eater. Steak and potatoes person. I like gumbo, Louisiana food. Well, here it’s hard to get true gumbo. I think some of the best gumbo I’ve had in a long time was in New Orleans last march. At Dooky Chase’s place.

I grew up in Columbus, Mississippi which is in North Mississippi on the Tombigbee river. This is the only place...well not the only place I’ve lived. But it’s the only state that I’ve lived long term. I was in the Air Force in Oklahoma for four years during the Vietnam war. I didn’t go to Vietnam- I was in Oklahoma. And, in my job I lived in Louisiana...Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and well,  Lafayette...but other than that Mississippi is where I’ve lived and was raised. The people are friendly down here, it’s just something I know.

I am the eldest of three. Two younger brothers and a younger sister. My next oldest brother to me was killed in a auto accident in 1965. Prior to that we just played in the river, we went hunting, we did a lot of hunting. I remember when the Ringling Brothers used to come to town on the train. Y’all probably never been to the circus. Of course you won’t go to the Ringling Bros. anymore. They shut down this year. They had a big circus train come to town, and unload all the animals and elephants from off the the train. And when we were kids we’d go down and watch em. That was back in the 50’s. Lately I’m not doing much of anything. *coughs* I try to work in the yard. But I can’t do that all day, I have to take lots of breaks. It is hot, but that’s Mississippi in the summer time. I do that and I volunteer with HRC. Haven’t done that in a while but I am still active with them.”