Rashad and Nick


Atlanta, GA

Transilient: What kind of dynamics do you guys share within your friendship?

“Nick: It’s a really unique relationship. I believe that the flow of friendship should just happen naturally. We didn’t wake up one day and was like, “You're my woe!”. We just connected and it meshed. We started hanging out, going places together and then when Rashad became my roommate we grew even closer. I can definitely say that he is my best friend…. He will be my best man whenever someone decides they want to marry a 300pounder! (laughing) I trust this guy with my life. We got it all the way down to... if I've ever been broke or didn’t have it he’s given it to me and vice versa. We’ve got each other's back. We are talking about real life things. Like I’m having top surgery soon, and he immediately was like “Bro, just let me know when the date is so I can take it off and be there.” He did this without me even asking... and that’s like almost a week off. Who’s willing to take a week off work with no pay and no nothing to be there for his friend? So that the type of stuff that he does to let me know how strong our friendship is.

‍Rashad: I feel like I could talk to Nick about anything. I don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. Trust is a big factor with me, and if I can’t trust you then I can’t call you my best friend. I can only recall once when Nick and I got into it and wasn’t talking to each other. I would walk in the house and go straight to my room to avoid him because I just couldn't take that someone I'm that close to is upset with me. I’m proud to say that happened one time … we learned from that situation and both of our mistakes. Our friendship grew even stronger from that issue that we had. If you know my woe... if you know me... You know we have each other's back.”