Dallas, TX

Libby: "I started liking them because I went to a new school and there is this girl who came. Her name is Beatrix and now she is my best friend. She was the person who inspired me to start liking these dolls because she had a lot of them. It was how they looked and stuff. I am having a sleep over with her tonight. This is my first sleepover by myself without my parents. I feel a little bit scared. I was going to have a sleepover with my friend once and I was scared because Rose gave me nightmares in Austin. She’s nine. I am seven. "

Transilient: “This isn’t a Monster High Doll?”

Libby: “No, that’s a Palace Pet.”

Transilient: “Ok, Palace Pet. So, which Monster High Doll is your favorite? “

Libby: “ Um, I think Treesa Thornwillow and Jane Boolittle.”

Transilient: “Which one is Willow?”

Transilient: “She’s not here. I don’t have her yet.”

Transilient: “But she’s your favorite?”

“Yes. So, I’ve almost watched every single Monster High episode. I really like the Freaky Fusion episode because they get fused together. She got fused together with a dragon. A Chinese dragon. She looked cool and got a tail and a pony tail and I really liked her hair piece. I really liked her shoes and chest plate! I did kind of make my own kind of Monster High person that I really like. Her name is Lily and she’s a unicorn. I really like dark colored unicorns. Because dark colors are my favorite colors. My favorite color is, I think, dark purple and dark blue, every single dark color. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like dark blue."