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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“To me, faith is knowing my imagination is correct. We all struggle with fear, ya know. I deal with fear by having faith. I literally have a tattoo that says, ‘faith over fear’ and I got that last year. I went the Grand Canyon last April. It was two weeks before the trip and my friends were like “get your ticket! Let's do this! Let's Go! It was for a travel membership thing, so I went there for a training. One of the trainers said, “Have faith over fear” and I was like “OH! Yeah! I had faith to go on this trip. I bought my plane ticket the week before. I was only 18 so it was my first trip by myself and so it took a lot of faith to know that I was going to be safe and okay. With anything, I do now… it’s fear of love… which is kind of an oxymoron. For example, Luna, she’s My partner. We met last year. She was throwing this Tarot Deck into a fire. I asked her, “Why are you Throwing this tarot deck into this fire? She said, “I’m separating myself from attachments. I was like “OH that's really interesting. Can I burn a card and see what I get?” I pulled the sun card and I was like HOLY CRAP! She the moon and I’m the sun. Ya know because her name is Luna. Then from that point, we kind of followed each other around and then we parted ways and really didn’t speak for a while. Then in March, I asked her if she would like to volunteer here at New Beginnings because I know she is very service oriented. So, she came here and we started hanging out again and it was like this explosion of meeting each other again in this new mindset of what we are doing and who we are. A lot of fear came up with me in finding love again and experiencing love again. My past relationship was very tumultuous and I held on to that pain and fear because I felt like no one would ever love me because I’m so different. Now, experiencing unconditional love is scary. I push her away at times rather than surrendering to it and experiencing it. So that's where the fear comes in. When I'm afraid of it, I just do it. The majority of the time after I do it, I’m happy that I did it. That where faith comes in.”