Birmingham, AL

“It’s kind of, maybe more of a villain super power, but I think necromancy type stuff would be a unique super power. Like raising the dead… it’s kind of creepy. I think it would be so cool to create my own army of zombies. (Laughs) Oh my gosh! Um. I think I’d probably scare a lot of people that way!

Transilient: Yeah, I’d say so! I think that’s understatement Daniel..

 Daniel: (Laughs) I’d use the army for good. I don’t know, do you think Trump is scared of zombies? (Laughs) I’d think it’d be fun to bring back The Beatles too. I’d have them play my own show and charge money for it! I really like The Beatles. My favorite song is “Looking Through You” from Rubber Soul. Typically, I listen to metal music but I found The Beatles when performing in band at school and I really like them. It’d be pretty cool to hear them play that song live!”