Miami, FL

"Not too long ago my fiancé addressed the boxes I have of my artwork and was like, “When are you going to start giving this away or selling it?” The idea of moving forward with my work in that way is challenging. Not because I don’t believe in my work but if I put my work out there it will ultimately get judged or labeled. I do my art for me more than anyone else. It may help others but it helps me first. So, putting my work out there is hard for me for a couple of reasons. If I sell my work that means I am relinquishing some control around it.  I understand that this need to maintain control is an issue and it’s something I am working on. When people see my art, they walk away with a little piece of me. It’s vulnerable work, fluid, and freeing. I’m not sure how I will pursuit my future with my art. I just know I need to be able to still feel good about taking care of myself first. My art is a form of self-care. So many of us want to jump up and take care of others before ourselves, but I got to take care of me."