Sophia Benoidan


Las Vegas, NV

SOPHIA : “ I’ve been living in Las Vegas for three years and I just love it. I grew up in Illinois in the south suburbs of Chicago and it was a blast! Chicago then was great! Awesome food, friends, and music. When I was growing up, where I did, many kids would get caught drinking or smoking and we’d get a slap on the hand. It’s not like that now. The police are ruining lives before they start and it’s just not fair.

Ya know, the first concert I ever went to was an Ozzy Osbourne show! It was his first solo show and he was playing with Motorhead. My friends and I saw him at The Aragon Ballroom and I wish I could say I remember the show! I smoked my first joint there and can’t remember anything, ( laughs). I still love music. My musical taste has changed a lot!  It’s gotten a little softer, and mellower. The music I play on guitar hasn’t gotten any softer though. I’m really into 80’s metal and hair bands. I’ve been trying to push myself to play the blues a little more. There are actual 80s hair metal bands still playing in Vegas!”