Riley Johnson


Chicago, IL

RILEY : “ My family is complicated. I have always been family oriented but my family is not family oriented. Well, they consider themselves family oriented but not in the same ways that I do. They aren’t supportive of families of choice, queer family, or of us being surrounded by people who are interested in and get what we are about. They are complicated because they are evangelical and conservative.

We have a known sperm donor. That process was interesting and funny. My family of origin loves Amon and thinks he’s awesome but they don’t want to talk about or show any interest the donor, the process, or have that conversation. They want to make sure his rights were signed away. They don’t want to be invested in anything that I do. They don’t want to talk about RAD, the nonprofit we run, or really anything in my life. I try sometimes. I experiment. I’ve tried telling them anything to see what degree of information works. I’ve tried telling them nothing because it makes it easier. I’ve tried only answering the questions. I’ve found no workable solution.

The part that was scariest to me about becoming a Dad was in the birthing room. It was the realization that “Holy crap! there is now this little person who I am responsible for.” It was almost up there with wedding-vomit-inducing jitters. ”

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