Danny Kain


Ferndale, MI

DANNY : “ Sometimes I get really upset about all the injustices in the world and I sometimes can’t handle it cause I’m an empath and I, like, feel everything too much. I recently binge watched Orange is the New Black and I started getting worked up about the injustices on the show and that racism is prevalent and exists everywhere and then I started thinking about the dolphins and the whales that are dying in captivity and I’m just like pissed and pissed as queer people and then I just get really depressed like we are all living in this fishbowl and a few people are running the world and then I’m like spiraling and say to myself, I can’t even get a real job and then I’m trying to do my shot after that and listening to Tracy Chapman and crying alone. I’m like laying on the bed with the T needle on my chest like “TRACY, TAKE ME AWAY”


Transilient: Is there any self-care that helps?


I work out at the gym, I like to bike around. Being around people who feel the same way helps too. Sometimes it makes it worse, like, if your life is really just so hard. I try to be really happy, you’ve got to try! I get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. I’m like, I don’t know what to do I’m just going sit here and sleep the day away. Sometimes I get down about being trans like poor me, woe is me, life is hard and then I’m like shut up! People have it worse and I think about the bigger picture and try not to feel like a little worthless speck of nothing, you know what I mean.


I love horror films something all about the blood and death, I don’t know, it really calms me down. I recently saw Zombie Strippers (laughs) you got to see those B movies, there really on point. I love the cheese “we got to get out of here” but then they go the wrong way.”


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