New Orleans, LA

CARMEN :  “ I moved down to New Orleans a year ago with my boyfriend and started working with Villalobos Rescue, which is the largest pit bull rescue center in the country, as a dog walker. My boyfriend and I since split up, but I stayed after the break up not because I even love the city so much but because I love pit bulls and my job so much. Pit bulls changed my life. I really relate to them because people have preconceived notions about me based on outward appearance and stigmas about me too. After seeing the dogs, the good things and the bad things people say about them, and the myths attached them; it really gave me hope. It’s inspirational to see how many people are willing to get educated and fall in love with these dogs. ”


Transilient: Where do you think the misconceptions around pit bulls come from?


Carmen: “ It stems from dog fights, which is obviously man made, and I fully relate to that as well. I love pit bulls because I live such a similar struggle. ”