Add Items to Archives - Checklists


Find the archives

At the bottom of the Squarespace editor navigation, you'll find the section labeled "Not Linked".

This is where you'll add all new item records. Follow the guides below and the site will automatically update to include new records with consistent styles.

top 2.png

Ignore the big editor

When you select a record in the main SquareSpace Pages view, there will be a large editor on the right.

Not every type of record will use the layout seen here, so you can ignore artifacts or odd looking views.

Instead, follow the instructions in the sections below to edit the various records.

This will ensure the rest of the site stays consistent.

Gallery / Interviews

Interviews should be dated to reflect the interview date, not necessarily the published date (instructions below).

The most recent interviews are featured on the homepage and the main gallery page, so there's no need to select the "Featured" option when creating these posts.

gallery 1.png

Duplicate the Template

  • Select the "Drafts" tab
  • Click on the Template record and select "Edit"
  • Don't publish or edit this record!
  • Select the "Duplicate" option at the bottom.
gallery 2.png

Change the name

  • Replace "Copy of Template" with the name of the interview
gallery 3.png

Replace the article image

  • Select the place holder image and click "Edit"
  • In the popup editor, select "Remove"
  • Click the empty area and upload the image that should appear at the top of the interview article
  • You need to make sure and wait for the progress bar to finish before clicking "Apply"
gallery 4.png

Change the Article Text

  • Scroll down below the image and edit the article text
  • This can be anything, any style, and can include other images and widgets using the Squarespace editing options, but the "City, ST" label should be left at the top in order to keep consistency across articles
gallery 5.png

Change the thumbnail image

  • Select the "Options" tab at the top of the editor popup
  • Select the "Remove" option for the thumbnail image
  • Upload the proper thumbnail image
  • This is the image that will be shown in the gallery briefs on the homepage etc.
  • It should probably be the same as the main article image, but doesn't have to be
  • Like the main article image, wait until the upload progress bar is finished before exiting the popup editor
gallery 6.png

Change the URL

  • For interview posts, it's probably best to use a format like "year-name"
gallery 7.png

Change the Excerpt

  • The excerpt should only have the city and state
  • Adding more text will throw off the styling in the main gallery page
gallery 8.png

Save & Publish

  • You're done!
  • Click the "Save & Publish" option at the bottom of the popup editor
  • Selecting "Save" will create the record but will not make it available on the website

(Optional) Edit the published date

  • If you need to backdate an interview, select the record and click "Edit"
  • In the popup editor, click on the published date in the bottom right
  • Edit the date/time and click "Save" to exit the editor

Blog Posts

Like interviews, the most recent blog posts are featured on the homepage, so there's no need to select the "Featured" option when creating these posts.

blog 1.png

follow the instructions for adding interviews

Since the interview archive is essentially a blog, adding blog posts to the actual blog works essentially the same way.

You can follow the same instructions for the most part with a few exceptions:

  • The custom URL for blog posts should probably be the name of the blog title
    • Just copy and paste it into the field and it will automatically be formatted for the URL
  • The excerpt should actually be an excerpt or summary
  • The body of blog posts will probably require more customization than interview posts but
    • Leave the bottom section alone
    • It is separated by a spacer, and includes the social media block and donate now block

Press Items

Press items are only featured on the home page if the "Featured" option is selected for a given post.

Up to 30 items can be featured.

Also, the custom URL will be automatically assigned to each post. There's no need to edit that field since we want the actual article link to open when these items are clicked.

press 1.png

Add a new press item

  • Click the "+" icon to start a new record

Add the title

  • The title of the article should be used as the title of this record

Add the logo

  • Select the "Options" tab at the top of the editor
  • Upload the press logo as the "Thumbnail Image"
  • In order to ensure the site is consistent and logos are visible and not blurry, logos images should be sized to 300 x 200 (width x height) pixels

Add the Source URL

  • Paste in the URL for the external article
  • Make sure to check the option "Post Title should link to Source URL"
press 5.png

(OPtional) Set Featured Post

  • At the bottom of the "Options" tab page, select the option "Featured Post" if this press item should appear on the home page
  • Up to 30 items can be featured there
  • You'll need to edit each press item in order to add or remove it from being featured

Save & Publish

  • Select "Save & Publish" at the bottom of the popup editor
  • One more mandatory step after this
press 6.png

Edit the date

  • After publishing, find the post and select "Edit"
  • In the bottom left of the popup editor, click the published date
  • Change the date to the date the source article was published, not the date this particular record was created
  • This is important to make sure the archive lists in the main Press page are properly organized
  • Just ignore the time, and approximate if the exact date isn't known

Tour Dates

Tour dates are added as event items.

You could delete old events (such as at the end of a tour year), but it isn't necessary. The homepage will only show upcoming tour dates, and the main Tour page separates upcoming from past events.

blog 1.png

Add and name a new record

  • Click the "+" icon to start a new record
  • Set the title of the record to the City and State abbreviation

Set the dates

  • Just below the title, click on the start and end dates to open the calendar popup
  • Set the day and month
  • If there aren't more specific times
    • Set the start date time to 12:00 AM
    • Set the end date time to 11:00 PM
    • This is to ensure the calendar automatically rolls over upcoming and past events at the same time every day

Update the map

  • Select the "Location" tab at the top of the popup editor
  • Put the city and state in the appropriate field and hit your <enter> key
  • The map shouldn't require any other information to find the right city
  • If it doesn't zoom to the right location, add more information such as the zip code or a more specific address

Save & Publish

  • At the bottom of the popup editor, select "Save & Publish"

Who We Are / About Items

These items are added as an image gallery instead of using blog posts or event records.

about 1.png

Add a new item

  • Click the "+" icon to start a new record
  • Select "Image" in the context menu



Edit an existing item

  • Hover over an image (do not click on it!)
  • A context menu will appear
    • Select the little sun icon to open the editor
  • You can also double click on an image to open the editor



Edit the content tab

  • Upload the image
    • It needs to be high quality as it will be use both as the thumbnail as well as for the larger light box image
  • Set the image title
  • In the description, set the top line to the title / role, and make it bold.
  • The rest of the description can be formatted however is appropriate, including links.


There's no need to set a custom URL.