Who We Are


Special Thanks

There have been SO MANY amazing people who have volunteered time with us through transcribing, sponsoring us, working with us, letting us crash with them, or helping us find funding. We couldn't be more grateful for you and your efforts!

Leland Koble

Nico Lang

Tabitha Childers

Kelly Fields

Jonah Welch (2017 Assistant)

Gramma Rowena

Valena Scott

Tabitha Childers

Emily Connor

Jacky Chang

Jim Cundiff

Deli Wayne

Branson LB

Rachel Gonzalez (and the whole Gonzalez family)

Sara Kaplan

The National Center for Transgender Equality

Sessa Brooks

The Carolina Youth Action Project

Paula Sophia Schonauer

Shannon Soper and Adam Laiben

Sara Kaplan

Cat Lind

Klie Kliebert

Joelle Ballam-Schwan

Cindy Crabb

Julisa Abad

Sophia Stanford

Valena Scott

Kourtney Baker

Ranjeet Kaur

David Case

Johanna Campbell Case
(2016 assistant)

Bonnie Thompson

SahLeem Israel Butler


We’d like to acknowledge and thank the other trans and non-binary folks who’ve worked on Transilient!

Beck Bendetta

Klie Kliebert

Jonah Welch

SahLeem Butler

Without them and skill sharing with one another this work wouldn’t be as wonderful as it is today!