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Hi friends, Klie here again! 

We miss you.

Excited for carnival!

We had an awesome 2017 tour, made it through the holidays, and now we miss talking to you on a daily basis. So we’re trying something new. Jonah, Basil and I (your favorite three at Transilient) are going to start doing live updates via our Instagram story! The space will be serious, silly, probably weird at times… we hope to give you a glimpse into our daily lives, share our interests and thoughts with you on legislation as it happens, and, to be honest, you should see our pets. They’re really cute.

So if you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, get on that! This is content that won't happen anywhere else.

IG: @wearetransilient

And now that you're following us on Instagram... keep an eye out for Transilient's Stories to see Jonah, reporting from Austin with their crystals and healing powers. Basil, reporting from NYC with his Cancer feels and his pup Yeppers. And me, reporting from New Orleans - just in time for carnival (that's what we call the whole parade season leading up to Mardi Gras). 

A solid 15% of my updates will probably be blurry pictures of my cat, tbh.

See you soon!

Love and Light,


P.S. We still have several interviews to share from folx we met on our summer tour and continue to meet every day, so those will keep coming too. If you’ve interviewed with us and haven’t seen yours yet, don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten you! We’re diligently transcribing from coffee shops and buses and couches until all of your stories are shared :)


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