If you were a breakfast food what would you be?

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The morning started off with some great pancakes made by Basil. He asked me while I was eating them… “If you were a breakfast food what would you be?” I paused and began to ponder about my answer as he responded to his own question with excitement “I would be a pancake!” Smiling he said, “They are sweet, soft, and nurturing for some people because it's a comfort food.”  I thought to myself ..”What would you be, Sah?” .... Mango? Mangos are bold, wild, sweet and a very fluid. Ha!… I'm still pondering this one. Jonah ended breakfast with a wonderful egg scramble-situation. Basil and I smothered our eggs in hot sauces and then went on a rant about how much we love condiments. Breakfast hit the spot to say the least, we were really animated with that hot sauce situation to say the most. 

Today was the second day of morning meditation. We met on the beautiful screen covered porch that allows you to see the fullness of the sky, hear the birds sing loud and feel the cool breeze from the summer's rain. It’s hurricane season here in Florida so it storms and rains every day.  Today we were lucky enough to catch the rain during morning meditation! As it rained harder I felt the energy rise on the porch as we sat in silence. I already had the palms of my hands turned upward as quester of surrender but when I felt the rain hitting my face through the screen I wanted to lift my hands in worship and admiration to God/Universe and the Ancestors for making our path clear and showing us favor along the way.  Needless to say, I’m so excited about the commitment that each of us has made to make sure we do this every morning.  I think it will keep us balanced, aware, and open to the Divine as we travel and meet people.  I believe we have already begun to manifest what we set out to do and I look forward to seeing what other magic we make and encounter.

Jessica and I

Jessica and I

After meditation Basil and Jonah took a break and went swimming. I was invited to ride along with Leland to pick up a patient and meet the surgeon who performs some of the procedure for the guys that come stay at New Beginnings.  While visiting the doctor's office I got to reconnect with Jessica who is one of the head nurses at the facility. She greeted me with a big smile and a tight hug. She remembered me from 6 years back when I came with my partner at the time who was having surgery at another office she worked for in the city. My grandmother says, “It's always nice to be remembered.”

At around 2 pm a semi large fire broke out in the garage. Anxiety flew through the roof for a quick moment while people scrambled to put out the fire, annoying alarms went off, and I evacuated the team out of the room we are staying. They put the fire out quickly and everything was under control within 10 minutes but that was a little crazy. 

We ended the day by meeting up with the second interview of the trip around 5 pm. We linked up with Tyler who brought along his girlfriend at this cute gay bar called Rosie’s. We all enjoyed a couple of drinks, a large oversized pretzel and chicken wings. He and his girlfriend both had a great sense of dry humor that I think we all enjoyed. The night ended with hugs, laughter, and picture taking. 

Jonah and I are about to go to the store and get some ice cream. We also need to pick up a tooth brush for Basil because he already lost his!

Despite not having a lot of interviews today, it still was a full day and I'm sure we all will welcome the bed. 

Love and Light, 



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